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Graduating From College – Tips You Need To Know

This day is considered to be the biggest and best day of your college life. You would have been waiting for this day since your first day in college. Well, the wait is over. Your graduation is finally here! Now that you are all excited and overwhelmed, it is important to remember that this day needs preparation too. If you want the celebration to run smoothly, then here are some things that you need to know.

You are officially an adult

Once you are done with university education, you will be labelled as an adult. So, it is time for you to become responsible. It is important for you to exhibit this impression during the ceremony itself. Be polite with all your friends. Congratulate everyone you know and clap for them too. Do not leave your seat in in the middle of the ceremony to answer a call or visit the washroom.

Your parents will be happier than you

Although it is you who is in the Adelaide Uni graduation gown, your parents will be acting as if they are the ones who are graduating. You cannot blame them since they have been waiting for this day longer than you have. There will be a lot of hugs and tears. Do not get embarrassed and push them away since this is something that all parents do. So, make sure that you appreciate their love for you.

There will be a lot of selfies

Yes, you will sweat buckets and buckets in your symbolic grad attire. But, do not take it off as soon as you receive your degree. You will have to wear it for a long time since you will have to pose for a lot of pictures. Your parents will be taking countless number of photographs and your friends would want to take some last shots at the university too. So, keep the gown on since once you remove it you will not feel like putting it on again.

Your hair will get messed up

Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, do know that it will definitely get messed up once you put your graduation cap on. It can be really difficult to find a cap that fits your head. Although you might try to stick it to your head with pins and clips, it will keep on slipping off your head. Moreover, you will sweat a lot when wearing the cap. This can further mess up your hair too. This is the why students look so happy and relieved when throwing these caps into the air.

It can be quite difficult to follow these tips with the excitement in the air. So, be prepared for them well before the graduation day.

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Why It Was Necessary To Ban Polyurethane Swimming Apparel

The swimming world was taken by storm by an assault of new records set at the 2009 world championships. The reason for this sudden onset of record breaking performances can be rooted down to the introduction of a new swimsuit first introduced by Speedo. The swimsuit changed the game, allowing swimmers to swim faster, surpassing the speed limitation set by swimsuits used prior to the suit that was introduced.

What is this special suit?

This competition swimwear enhances your speed due just one big reason, this swimwear is made using polyurethane material, which is essentially a cell foam structure that can be stretched. The cell foam consists of gas pockets that makes it less dense than water, which will cause the swimsuit to push water away from the suit and be pushed upwards to the surface by the water itself. The push upwards means that a swimmer would feel less drag as they swim on the upper levels of water due to the buoyancy of the swimsuit and will be able to move much faster.

The drawbacks of using a polyurethane swimsuit would be that it takes at least half an hour to put on the suit. The suit also had a big drawback of being unusable after using it for a couple of races and replacing the suit would cost around half a thousand dollars. The textile swimsuits that were used had a tendency to soak in water, which sinks the swimmer a bit further down into the water level, increasing the drag.

Why the suits got banned

The implementation of the polyurethane swimsuit turned swimming into almost a car race where it’s rather more of a battle of who’s got the best car rather than the actual skills of the driver. Due to the buoyancy of the swimsuit, swimming with polyurethane cannot be really considered swimming as it’s much more of a skimming action over the top most water level.

Even though it was allowed in the 2009 world championship, it got banned by a proposal passed by the Americans to ban the use of polyurethane swimsuits, which got voted for by 120 countries. Michael Phelps caught everyone’s eyes when he refused to use the polyurethane swimsuit and stuck with using a textile swimsuit, although it resulted in losing an event and a record to a German rival who used polyurethane swimsuit for the event, it also did provide the initial push against using polyurethane swimsuits as he also passed a statement through his coach that Michael will not participate in any international competitions that do not ban the use of polyurethane swimsuits. Visit this online swim apparel if you are looking for a perfect swimsuit.

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