Hobbies And Pastimes Keeping Busy

Amongst many hobbies, quilting is a popular hobby a woman could pursue. Stitching layers of padding together with fabric dates back to 5500 years ago in Ancient Egypt. Many centuries ago Chinese too were producing quilted clothing to withstand winter season. Their vision was that three or more layers of fabric clothing is better than one to enhance warmth.

With the industrial revolution, the fabrics were manufactured at a larger scale. This assisted women from phasing off spinning and weaving their own fabric at their homes. By 1840s the commercial fabric manufacturing was underway to an extent where fabric became affordable, thus access to quilting fabric by the general public made the quilting industry gaining momentum to its popularity. Visit this page to find out more types of fabric.

Unlike in modern day, centuries ago, tree leaves, old clothing, feathers and old newspapers were used as padding. Whichever may be the padding modus operandi, the ultimate goal was to create warmth.

In the modern era, cotton print panels make putting quilting squares together extremely easy. It, not only brings a novel finish to the quilt but also it could match ones interior décor theme. For an example during Christmas time, the appropriate Christmas theme panels sew together could allow one to create a quilt in no time blending in to the theme.

Patchwork and quilting go hand in hand. Patchwork also called as pieced work is a needlework that sew smaller pieces together to create a larger design. It often combines with embroidery. The larger design is a piecing of many small patchwork designs may it be an artwork, shades of colour of checker board effect.

Quilt blocks also use appliqué – a form of needlework meticulously applied on to the quilt. Once applied it gives an elegant look in to the final quilting fabric Australia.

The quilts are not necessarily bed spreads. It also can be used as a wall hanging, artistic scenery that can be framed and displayed, can be used as a lamp shade cover, cushion cover, pin cushion and many more. It gives the environment a natural, esthetic beauty. If one may add some mirror pieces and sequence in a wall hanging quilt, it will bring about more glamour.
If you are an ardent seamstress, the scrap material could stitch together an ideal crazy quilt that will raise one’s eyebrows, whilst jaws dropped.

Even in summer seasons, quilts are commonly used as most homes today are air-conditioned. The warmth it gives could provide you with a sound sleep that relaxes one’s whole body. Happy and enjoyable quilting ladies!

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