4 Common Types Of Heeled Shoes

Heeled shoes can affect your toes and heels and cause much distress but you cannot live life without wearing them. The adverse effects of these shoes have not swayed women from opting not to try them out. They have the ability to make your foot look sexy and elegant while elongating your legs too. Here are some common types of heels for you to think about:

The comfy wedge
A wedge is a great shoe for a woman who wants to strike a balance between style and comfort. The soles of the shoes are sturdy and they provide ample surface space too. It is a lot thicker than wearing a stiletto and it is known for reducing any ankle and arch problems you can develop from wearing other types of shoes. If you want to stand out and be comfortable at the same time try purchasing a pair from leather boots online Australia as they will offer you great shoes at reasonable prices at http://www.sirenshoes.com.au/default/shoes/boots.html.

The chic kitten heel
You can try wearing a pair of kitten heels too which are just as comfortable as a pair of wedges the only difference is that they have a heel shape which will take you from the casual wedge look to a sleek more classy feel. They are great shoes to be worn by nurses, maids or even the elderly folk too. They will keep your feet comfortable and relaxed. They will never run out of style either.

The sexy heeled boots
These boots are great if you want to make a statement and they are great if you are looking for a high fashion look. You can try out ankle boots or even over the knee shoes which will make you stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that boots will work well for you if you want to meet family and friends for lunch or dinner. They are shoes online Australia which are comfortable & stylish and they can protect your feet from the cold weather too. A triple threat indeed!

Elegant evening sandals
You can try purchasing a pair of embellished evening sandals which can be worn for a birthday, a wedding, an engagement and even a beach party too. They are more versatile than a pair of stilettos which you can only wear to a club, a fancy dinner or a luxury hotel wedding. You must keep in mind that the sandals you pick must come in a color which can be worn with everything so always opt for a black, brown or nude. Some footwear online Australia will be fantastic for you to try out too! Keep in mind if you want to pick comfortable shoes to always shop at a store which will cater to your needs. Avoid purchasing shoes which are uncomfortable but trendy. You do not have to injure your feet for high fashion!