How To Decide What The Perfect Outfit Would Be

Before you decide on which outfit to wear, you first need to take the occasion into consideration. For example, you will not wear the same formal dress you wore to a friend’s graduation to a pool party. Therefore by knowing what the occasion is will help you get an idea on what to wear. Some parties may give you a theme to follow which might make it easier as you know exactly what kind of outfit you are expected to wear however, this could also limit your options.

Dress to impress

If you have a big interview for your dream job and you want to be taken seriously you first need to dress the part. Walking in for an interview at a recognized law firm wearing jeans and a t-shirt, a mini skirt or a beautiful vintage flower girl dress is not going to get you the job. If you want to be taken seriously from the get go dress well, as a lot can be said from your attire.

If you are interested in fashion and have an interview at a fashion industry wearing a unique outfit like a vintage flower girl dress might impress the evaluators. If you are someone who has no clue on what to wear, to be on the safe side you could check with the human resource department as to whether there is any particular dress code to be followed. The most important thing to consider when getting dressed is to make sure you are confident with your attire. The importance of dressing well should not be not to impress others but to make yourself feel good giving you confidence. If you do not like wearing heels it is not a must to wear them. You can still have self-assurance in flats as long as you wear them with confidence.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dress code

Having a dress code, for example wearing uniforms in schools or the military brings about both discipline and order. When wearing school uniforms every child looks the same. This way if you are someone who cannot afford fashionable clothes or expensive shoes you will not feel bad about this as you will not have a constant reminder that you cannot afford stylish clothes. However by wearing school uniforms children are suppressed from experiencing themselves. They may feel restricted and could act out because of this. You will need at least two or three sets of the school uniform but if you cannot afford this will have to wash the attire every day which could be a hassle.