The Best And Worst Dressed

In the years BC (before children), I used to enjoy watching award shows like The Golden Globe Award, a dinner and award ceremony held by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to recognize excellence in American and foreign film and television; The Academy Awards/The Oscars, an American awards ceremony by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizing cinematic achievements in the film industry; and even the TV Week Logie Awards, the Australian version of The Golden Globe Award that honours the most popular in Australian television. That was back when I had more time on my hands. These days, I would be lucky if I can watch a two hour movie uninterrupted, let alone a three to four hour long awards show and that’s how ridiculously long The Oscars can go on for. I think it is because the TV networks would like to hype it up and milk the publicity for as much as they can in the form of ratings or viewers. So, very often we get to watch a pre-Oscars show or pre-Golden Globes show where the celebrities dressed to the nines walk the red carpet to pose for pictures and answer some quick questions.

We all know that with every red carpet presentation follows a best and worst dressed list. The best dressed celebrities are usually dressed in stunning designer clothes which could range from mid length dresses to knee length formal dresses to traditional gowns and even the very modern bodycon dresses,  have a look at chapel street dress boutique. which are figure-hugging and shows off every curve. The worst dressed are usually the ones who wear outfits that are so out there that it distracts their best features instead of enhancing them. I mean, who can forget Bjork and that white swan outfit she wore complete with a fake dying swan head wrapped around her neck or Celine Dion in a white double-breasted men’s suit worn backwards or Cher’s sheer black outfit that was held together by some thin straps and a bra neckline, exposing her stomach and legs and leaving little to the imagination. Lucky for Cher, she had the body to carry this outfit. Anyone else would have been a laughing stock.

There are some perks to being a celebrity. One of which are the free designer outfits they get to choose to wear to awards ceremonies. Free because they are actually doing the designers a favour by being a walking advertisement for their outfits. For the rest of us, we can buy similar looking outfits and bodycon dresses online or in the store for a fraction of the cost. Maybe we all can’t be celebrities, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress like one. For the next party or formal event, why not consider a knee length formal dress or bodycon dress that will make you feel special and stand out in the crowd? Discuss you needs in detail with Melbourne fashion boutique.